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Random Favourites

LE: A little Secret
Rebecka stood in the Ante-chamber for the longest time dreading the end of her prayer. What would she find when she walked in that room? Fear, anger, and a bit of nausea came over her then at the memory of it all. Her heart had been broken, perhaps irreparably that night. Her nerves were shot, and she hadn’t slept much in the past year. Her dreams of Jessie, that haunting man and her pregnancy were all swirling in her mind. How would she explain any of this? She didn’t know how. Or if she even should. No one had seen her. She could just claim that the pregnancy came out of a moment of grief when she had given in to her neighbor’s advances. A sweet boy named Geoff; he had always cared for her. Thought in their early teens, that relationship had developed into a bond that was more sibling then lover. No one knew him though, and Geoff even offered to care for the baby as his own. It would be easy to pull off. Stormy would know though. She was hard to hide things from. She s
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 2 0
LE: Stormy tells it like it is
Inside the Anteroom she approached the small table and knelt before it. Opening the drawer she pulled out the lighter and lit all the candles upon the altar. She raised her arms and a tear rolled down her cheek as she said the words too long gone from her lips:
                        Take us in your light tonight
                        Help us make the wrongs to right
                        With honor we shall serve your need,
                        In your name we will succeed

The guilt she felt for neg
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 2 0
Home again
October 27 ~ Home Again
Stormy walked slowly through the orchard across from the park. She took purposeful steps, forcing each one. She counted out her heart beats to distract herself. She had made an oath, and she had ignored it for far too long. They all had. It was time to honor their friend, and each other.
Step by faltering step she made her way forward. With a grim determination she walked faster and faster, an easy jog, focused running, and then sprinting toward the temple doors. She skidded to a stop just short of the gate and catapulted herself gracefully over the fence, landing with gentle ease on the cobblestones beyond. Her heart was racing hummingbird fast. She had not been so near the temple since that day. Part of her wanted to turn and run the other way.   The world seemed to fade away as memories of that horrible day washed over her…
There had been an unnatural storm that night. Dark oppressive clouds and ferocious winds that foretold of evil to
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 4 16
Where do broken hearts go when they feel their love is gone? Do they gather together and cry tears of shame, or sit alone in the dark, wondering what went wrong?
When the moment has come do they jump of the edge, and hope that it ends with no pain, or look for a way, truth be told in vain, to just become whole again?
And what of the others, who’ve made it so far, that they feel that love may come around? Would they find those who are broken, and question their hearts and again feel their hopes plummet down?
Will those who are whole reach out with their hearts and kindly help others to heal, or sit back and watch them spin out of control, as more wounds their own pains swiftly deal.
I reach out to you, with my own bruised heart, to tell you to please try again. The pain that you feel, though torturous now, I really believe will soon end.
With your own broken heart, won’t you reach out and find another’s, whose own heart had been torn in two? For together, with patience, w
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 6 51
Personality Quirk? by RetteMichBabe Personality Quirk? :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 4 76
Because Of Love I Lost Him
He was mine and his love filled my days
With kindness, hope and loving ways
His smile was like the springtime sun
Above him I did love no one.
An embrace that saved my very soul,
I knew without him I would never be whole.
But then one day another came
And my life would never be the same.
His heart now belonged to her you see
She took what had been meant for me.
This gentle man was stolen away…
Would he return to me one day?
My love for him was wrong I know
But love him I did, and it continued to grow
Surely he would come back to thee
If I could but make him see.
Then one day he wore a frown
His world had been turned upside down
He gave his heart and soul a child
And then her love turned primal and wild
Her heart turned cold, her blood to ice
His life she casually sacrificed.
My heart bled, pained by love for him
I helplessly watched his brilliant light dim
There was nothing more that I could do
Grey skies filled his endless blue
Sweet and gentle loving ways
Were lost now to a desp
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 5 33
Earth and Sea by RetteMichBabe Earth and Sea :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 8 25 A little piece of peace by RetteMichBabe A little piece of peace :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 8 75
My Answer
No matter how I reach for you
I cannot give you what you need
My heart has so much love to give
But from my sight you'd surely flee
I am but a shell in truth, in life
A hopless case
Made weak from strife
But in my youth I'd have given you love
Never put you on a shelf
I'd have stood beside you and made you whole
And kept you safe even from yourself..
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 4 9
To Me
I can’t seem to write
The words just won’t come
I’ve no explanation why
They show up jumbled, and dumb
I want to share with you
Joy, love and gain
I also would tell you
Of loss, hurt and pain
I would tell you how much
You all mean to me
And how when I’ve felt caged
You help set me free
You help me through darkness
And guide me to light
My guardian angels
You help life seem right
How my heart feels uplifted
My burdens seem less
And all from friendships
From your gentle kindness
Though you started as strangers
Truly unknown to me
You’ve become so much more
An extended family
But sadly enough
Though I do wish to share
The words just won’t come
Vanished to thin air
I hope they return
And soon for you see
I can then tell you all
What you mean to me
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 6 25
Watermelon Roses by RetteMichBabe Watermelon Roses :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 3 12
There is magic in the wind
In the salty ocean air
A voice that ever calls me
And beckons me come near
I hear the song and I obey
Its enticing melancholy
Drawing me, a moth to the flame
And memories over take me
A simple child of water
I am a part of what's before me
Of everything that is or was
These creatures are my family
I look upon my human shell
This skin that does confine me
I laugh and break these mortal bonds
And return home to the sea.
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 4 16
The Diva's New Hair by RetteMichBabe The Diva's New Hair :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 5 13 Through The Tunnel by RetteMichBabe Through The Tunnel :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 3 19 Child in the Rain by RetteMichBabe Child in the Rain :iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 5 34
My new Mistress
This overwhelming sense of darkness invades my soul, destroying everything in its path, slowly softening even the sun within me. Thunderclouds gathering in the distance are beautiful though they tell of my ultimate destruction. I marvel at the coming beauty, knowing that as it takes my breath away, it is killing me.
I do not fight it. I let it come. I embrace the darkness like a lover long gone from home. I become intoxicated with new sensations, senses and abilities. This ultimate gift, like a vampires kiss, will condemn me forever to a life of consummate loneliness. My soul cries out to take heed. Do not be seduced by darkness. She leaves her lovers in misery.
Once you are taken, there is no return. No redemption. Only desolation and loneliness await you within her embrace. Her womb gives birth only to death.
I am torn and I cry out. I do not know which way to turn. My heart left in ragged pieces by those who have betrayed it. My soul feels only her call. Tortured by love, and embrac
:iconrettemichbabe:RetteMichBabe 4 17


by Vulcie

This is an excellent example of painting on silk. It is not easy to control which you have been mastering due to the amount of time you...

by Vulcie

Hello `La-Fi This is an excellent job of using watercolors - painting backwards which is not that easy... perfect color palette - good ...


Wild by NeaN Wild :iconnean:NeaN 17 12 Another Lovely Lady by PBPhoenix Another Lovely Lady :iconpbphoenix:PBPhoenix 21 6 when i was stone in the water by santosam81 when i was stone in the water :iconsantosam81:santosam81 64 10 Goodye Blue Sky - by GypsyH Goodye Blue Sky - :icongypsyh:GypsyH 76 74 Stairs by Ingostan Stairs :iconingostan:Ingostan 360 32 Temple of Isis :iconmimulux:mimulux 30 34 A Thousand Years :iconmimulux:mimulux 30 31 Pale Pink Geranium by photoquilter Pale Pink Geranium :iconphotoquilter:photoquilter 37 16


This Is A Test Entry For Nancy (final)

Journal Entry: Sat May 8, 2010, 4:23 AM


Riverbed Rocks In Sink 1975
Please :+fav: me because I am Conceptual


Please take this stamp when I expose you in anyway in this journal.
You do not need to have a full interview & feature in order to have it.

Featured by Jett by terrye634

It was made for me by: terrye634
Thank you very much ~ Terrye


Anti-Racism by Keykey No Chains Stamp by mouselady Anti Tag Stamp by Kip0130

ARTIST FEATURE 2010: webworm

Reflecting Calla Lilly by webworm

White Cyclamen by webworm

Swirling Stamen by webworm

Baroque Tulip by webworm

Dragon-fly Heart by webworm

Mysterious Light by webworm

Adorable Eazy by webworm

Colourful by webworm

Herman by webworm

Please read my journal so that you can see some of the beautiful art pieces my dear friends have made for me. You can see them on my shoutboard. If you want to see all of my gifts just click the link at the top of my shoutboard and it will connect you to a huge gift journal.


Hi My Friends & Visitors,

Thank you for all the :llama: :llama: :llama:sss

I truly appreciate them...

I tried to give them to all of you but I could not make the Llama Badge work correctly…

:ashamed: Please forgive me :ashamed:

I hope you have enjoyed the featured photos by webworm.

I bet all of you are wondering what The Big Surprise is?

A few years back I ran a feature titled The Most Creative People which ran for one solid year.
Each month I would go into the galleries of the people in the feature to select a different piece so you could see what they did over an extended period of time. Everyone could not wait to see what I would select from their galleries & also the readers of my journal.

We all had a wonderful time so I am bringing the feature back.  Yes, I am!

The first time I ran it I had 30 people and webworm was one of the people in that group of very creative people.  This why I wanted to feature some of her more up to date photos for this announcement.

I wanted to go with 10 or 15 people this time but wound up 20 for the Most Creative People Feature.

I did not use any of the people from the original one because I wanted to expose some new people in it.
Let me tell you that when I put one of these features together I look all over the place for people to be in it. This time I actually went to one of my very first friends I met here at dA. I needed her help in regards to  Dark Photographers.  She came through for me with some names.

When I find a person I go into their galleries and start at the back of them to see how they have grown plus to find out if they are actively placing new pieces into them.  Next I make folders and put a watch on all of the people I am wondering about in regards to the One Year Feature.  I then had to pay very close attention to how consistent they were.

Then I had to begin narrowing down who would be in it.  I tried to even out the various areas along with the genders of the 20 people but I did not succeed in doing this. I hope you will be happy with the ones I did chose.  I must tell you that I have been setting up for this ever since my return to dA In January.

A friend of mine is going to remake my journal so it will meet the new requirements of size for journals here at dA.  As soon as she is done I will begin running the feature.

I know you want to know who The 20 Most Creative People are.  Here are their icons in alphabetical order & they will appear in the feature the same way. Are you ready???

1. :iconkatestehr:

2 :iconkamirah:

3 :iconkriterijus:

4 :iconlauraest:

5. :iconlacydrawers:

6   :iconvulcie:

7  :iconveronika-art:

8  :iconmimustock:
9  :iconmistraven:

10  :iconpesare:  

11  :iconpieces-of-my-heart:

12  :iconrocamiadesign:

13  :iconrsr-productions:

14  :iconsickdiscobiscuit:

15  :iconsandwedge:

16   :iconsilverb:

17  :iconsiudajstej:

18  :icontailgun2009:

19  :iconterrye634:

20  :iconznztazmanijus:

I hope you will enjoy what these 20 Most Creative People create.

Please take care ~ Jett

:star:  :sun:  :star:


Please :+fav: My Babies…
I Love them & I wish You would too…

Auditor 1979

My Old Dane Indy 1979


Honey Bunnie 2005

Skye Blue Waiting For Dinner 2005


I love stamps.
They are truly great pieces of art, only on a smaller scale...

La maja vestida by Claire-stamps Guernica by Claire-stamps Van Gogh's room by Claire-stamps
Creation of Addam by Claire-stamps The Scream by Claire-stamps La Madonna Sistina by Claire-stamps
Birth of Venus by Claire-stamps Las meninas by Claire-stamps La gioconda by Claire-stamps

My gallery and images contained in it are Copyrighted 2006-2010 callmejett. All rights reserved.
All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, borrowed, duplicated, printed, downloaded, or uploaded in any way without my express written permission. My images do not belong to the public domain.


CallMeJett Support by TheStampKing I ::heart:: CallMeJett by RSR-Productions


:iconnntr: :iconmoon-club:

I Love Minimalism by l8:thumb23416177: Just design by Claire-stamps
The End. by The-Darkest-Scheme

journal designed by shivamd
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Nancy Manusos
United States
Current Residence: BSTexas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Print preference: Matte
Favourite genre of music: Blues to Kick Ass Rock
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams / Annie Liebowitz
Favourite style of art: All
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MP3 player of choice: Sony
Shell of choice: Egg
Wallpaper of choice: Soft Luminosity 2 by 011Art
Skin of choice: MINE
Favourite cartoon character: Snoopy because I Love Beagles
Personal Quote: We Are Born To Die


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